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Look sexy, stylish, and smart this summer with over $200 of essential and customized full-size products 
from gay-owned businesses all packed tight and shipped right for only $69.

every summer has a story, what will yours be?

how it works

Treat Yo'Self

Get the HOT BOY SUMMER BOX or subscribe to an Annual Membership and get a curated subscription box for each season and exclusive items at a discount of 30% or more.


The wrong lube can be a pain in the ass...literally. That's why you get to customize your box to make sure every season your box is filled to your satisfaction.

Tag Me, Bro.

Tag @THYRSTBOY and our brand partners in your unboxing stories. Plus you'll be joining an online community unlocking exclusive virtual workshops & events.

THYRST - Hot Boy Summer

for the gays, by the gays

All products are from brands founded & led by gay men.
Curated by gay men.
For gay men.

hot boy summer is

A reminder to love yourself.
Secure your coins.
Turn all the way up with your friends
Prioritize yourself + your mental health
& make some time for romance.

Hot Boy Summer Box
$ 69.69
Annual Membership
$ 49.99
if you're a terrible gift giver,
we got you covered.
start your summer lovin' right

what the boys are saying:

note from
aneal the creator

I wanted to create something for gay men that celebrated them. All parts of them.

For so long I've had to hide many elements of myself. I would have to tone down my queerness at work, stifle my sexual desires with partners or oppress my fashion around my family. Eventually, it all just became exhausting.

The THYRST Boy Box strives to celebrate all the layers of you. Great things start to happen when you know who you are and where you are going.

Every time a box shows up on your doorstep I want it to be a celebration of you because, at the end of the day, I want you to embrace the true you, the good, the bad, and the THYRSTY.